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Grow Your Local Presence
Grow Your Local Presence
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

How to promote who you are & what you do locally

Do you want more people to know who you are & what you do in your local



In this blog post, I will be sharing six ideas of how you can start growing your local



1.) Order Business Cards

- A simple & convenient first step to spreading your name. A business card should

include your name, title & logo as well as your phone number, email & social media

handle. Whenever you meet someone new at a coffee shop or networking event,

youʼll have everything you need to stay connected with them moving forward.


2.) Advertise on Billboards

- Capture potential clients or customers attention while they drive around town!

Digitalized billboards are becoming quite popular & itʼs a creative, eye catching

way to marketing your brand!


3.) Hang up Flyers

- A classic advertising move. Your local, family owned shops & community centers

will probably have a community board where you can pin your flyer or poster.


4.) Speak at Local Events

- If you want to quickly increase your credibility, get booked to talk about your area

of expertise! I would reach out to your local community center or business alliance

to see what opportunities are available. If there arenʼt many, create your own local



5.) Run Targeted Facebook Ads

- When setting up your ads, you can get specific with your demographic settings

& choose to run your promotion in your local area!


6.) Advertise in Local Marketing Material

- Is there a news show specific to your area? How about a radio show, local

magazine or newspaper? Reach out for an interview opportunity or the chance to

run an ad!


Which idea will you be implementing next?

Contact me with your questions!

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