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An Email Script To Increase Your Clients
An Email Script To Increase Your Clients
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

 Email Script to Increase your Clients

If you are a service-based business your focus each day should be signing new



If you are a product-based business your focus each day should be getting new



Your daily actions should be a reflection of getting closer to one of those goals.

By increasing the number of clients you work with or the number of customers who

buy from you, you are growing both your impact & income.


In this blog post, youʼll find an email script you can customize & send to local

businesses in your area about the services you offer & how the recipient can

benefit from working with you.


Remember, your goal is to increase your clientele. Make this unique to who you are

& what you do!


Example Email Script to Increase your Clients:

“ Hey, (insert owner of business or company name)

Are you eager to grow your social media following & online presence?

Did you know that 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing


( or insert

your favorite statistic)

You are missing out on both impact AND income by not taking action & growing

your businessʼ brand online!

My name is (insert name/title) & I wanted to reach out about solving your problem

& helping you get real results.

The businesses that take on my marketing approach will stand out against their

competition, increase their credibility & connect with their ideal customers/clients

in a special, unique way.

Here is my phone number (insert contact info). Send me a text message if youʼre

ready to move forward. Iʼd love to stop by your (shop/store/location/restaurant

ex..) soon. What day will you be in next?

Chat again soon,

(Insert your name) “



Being confident & hitting send on an email like this gets you one step closer to

growing both your impact & income.

The question is are you willing to take the next best steps to get real results?

If you are looking for more business & marketing guidance, remember to subscribe

to my monthly newsletter here & contact me with any questions with the following


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