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3 Subtle Ways To Sell More Product
3 Subtle Ways To Sell More Product
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Sales And Marketing

Increasing your income to the next tier can feel like an overwhelming goal.


However, when broken down to the basics, in order to increase your income you

need to a) book more clients for your services or b) sell more of your product(s).


In order to accomplish A or B, you need to have established systems that you

routinely implement because when done consistently, they get you closer to your

the desired outcome of an increase in clients or customers.


In this blog post, I want to share with you three subtle ways you can sell more of

your product(s) to ideal customers.


The three tangible systems are;

1.) Demonstrate Your Product

- Pretend you sell makeup in an MLM company & they are running a great deal on

mascara. Instead of posting “Hey, if you need new mascara let me know” consider

demonstrating what the on sale mascara can actually do for the woman wearing it.

You could go LIVE on Facebook & demonstrate applying the mascara to your

lashes & compare it to the traditional store brand on your other eye! At the end of

your video casually mention that the viewers can purchase their own tube through

a specific link of yours in the caption if they want to have lashes that look like

yours do on the video! The best marketing doesnʼt feel like marketing & this is a

perfect example of that!


2.) Hype Up Your Product

- Exchange your excitement with your ideal customers! Letʼs say you recently self-published

your own book & you want to sell more copies. Next time you have

physical copies of your book delivered to your home or office, film your reaction to

unboxing the order! Perhaps even sign a copy or two while on camera. Show the

viewers the cover of the book, mention what your favorite chapter is & heck even

read a couple of sentences aloud! People would love to hear the words straight from

the author! Then again you can casually mention there is a link where they can

purchase their copy or that since they watched to the end of the video, you have a

special discount code just for those specific viewers & go ahead and give it to

them on camera.


3.) Show The Love Of Your Product

- If you have a couple of past customer reviews, why donʼt you share those out

loud on video? You can talk about how you got connected with this customer or

how they stumbled upon what you offer. Maybe in the review, it mentions your

product “helps me save time.” Use that line to your advantage and talk about how

the product can help the video viewers save their own time as well! What would

make this system even better is if you got a specific customer to do a video

testimonial for you! Then they can share their exact experience using what you sell

or heck even demonstrate how to use it on camera! Show how much your past

customers have loved using your product and that will inspire more people to buy.


Have you picked up that we advocate for using video in your selling strategy?

Which idea are you going to implement first?


You can contact me at this email address with your questions ( & be

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