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How To Be A Leader In Your Industry
How To Be A Leader In Your Industry
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Business Tips

Do you hope to get seen as an authority in your space?


Building strong credibility could help increase your clientele, present better work

opportunities & introduce you to influential people.


Keep reading to find out practical action steps you can begin implementing to

become a leader in your industry.


1.) Create New

- Leaders lead the way for others to follow. What new path can you start

traveling on? What do you see missing from your industry? Could you create a

solution to the recurring problem or lack youʼve been seeing? Create a new

product or service that you know could benefit a specific group or new group of

people in your industry.


2.) Speak on the Trends

- Leaders use their voice to make an impact, even when itʼs controversial or

uncomfortable. Thatʼs what pushes us to follow leaders, they use their voice to

influence change. They are willing to be the first to believe in a cause or set of

values and people are moved to imitate the belief or behavior. What topics are

trending in the world at large or narrowed down into your specific industry? Get on

video, record a podcast episode, or write a blog post about your positions on

whatʼs happening.


3.) Connect with the Best

- A huge component to building strong credibility isnʼt only about who you know,

itʼs also about who knows you. By using the power of social media you have

access to influential mentors & experienced peers. I would start connecting with

other leaders in your industry simply by liking, commenting & sharing their online

content. Get your name in front of them consistently. Send their team an email,

invite them to be on a LIVE stream or podcast interview with you. Start connecting

with people who are where you want to be in your industry.


4.) Show your experience

- How do past clients or customers feel about working with or buying from you?

Bragging can actually be beneficial to your business. You want to share the

positive experiences people in your community have felt from using your products

or services. Go the extra mile by telling the community your personal story or

enlightening people to your educational background. Experience is essential for

getting people to trust you.


Credibility isnʼt established overnight. You must be consistent with growing an

authoritative brand around who you are & what you do.

I hope you found this post valuable. Leave me a comment below with your biggest


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