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5 Motivating Call To Actions For Your Captions
5 Motivating Call To Actions For Your Captions
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Sales And Marketing



What is a Call to Action?


A CTA is a marketing term that is used to induce a viewer, reader, listener,

attendee (ex…) to take a specific action.

When the right CTA is chosen & utilized in a powerful way, you can get your

audience to take an immediate response following your content.

In this blog post, Iʼm sharing five motivating Call to Actions you can use in your

social media captions and online content.

Letʼs drive intentional engagement with our audience.


CTA 1: Want More?

- At the end of your Facebook post, letʼs encourage your readers to get access to

your private newsletter content on your email list or join a group where your

biggest fans hang out.

Example: “Want more informational content like this? Subscribe to my monthly

newsletter. Click the link below to sign up.”

Example: “Do you love learning from me? Become a member of my free Facebook

Group for more. Join us at the link below.”


CTA 2: What do you think?

- Make the comment section active in the conversation! The algorithm on platforms

like Instagram favors genuine connection, so the more interactive your posts are,

the more the platform will boost your post for more people to see.

Example: “Iʼm happy I got to share my perspective with you today. Now, what do

you think? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Looking forward

to hearing from you.”


CTA 3: Contact Me!

- Give personable value to the individuals in your community who love who you are

& what you do. Having a private conversation with an ideal customer or client turns

them into a hot lead! Now you have direct contact with them & a genuine


Example: “Have a particular question about this topic? You can send me an email

at (insert info) or quickly message me on Facebook. Iʼll get back to you soon.


CTA 4: Share this post!

- We want to expand our brand to more ideal customers and clients. A cost-effective

 way to do this is to utilize the power of influence. Have the people who

currently follow you, share your content to the people that follow them.

Example: “If you found this post informational/inspiring (ex..), share it with your

friends. Theyʼll love the advice/information/story (ex…). Canʼt wait to have your

friend in the community!


CTA 5: Click the link!

- Get people to book a call with you or buy a product from you by reminding them

where to find your call or product link(s).

Example: “Do you want to wear this graphic-T with pride? Click the link below to

get yours.”

Example: “Do you need help with your social media? Click the link in my bio to get

on a free call.”


In your next social media post or piece of online content, I encourage you to

include one of the above CTAʼs.

Which one do you think youʼll test first? Let me know in the comments below.


To talk more about social media or to learn more about my services, contact me at

- Timothy Cole

P.S. Did you notice my two CTAʼs?

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