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Three Daily Activities That Will Build Your Business
Three Daily Activities That Will Build Your Business
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Business Tips

If you want to sell more products, you need to consistently take action on the

tasks that help you get there & accomplish that.


If you want to work with more clients, you need to consistently take action on the

tasks that help you get there & accomplish that.


There should be fundamental parts of your daily work routine that get you closer

to your desired results.


The fundamentals are what you should prioritize first for your business before

excess responsibilities for your brand.


In this blog post, youʼll find three daily activities that could be added to your daily

routine to grow your business & get real results.


Daily Activity One: Connect with an ideal customer or client


- Fresh leads are pivotal to the sustainable success of a business. There have to be

new people knowing who you are & what you do. While youʼre taking a lunch break

for the workday, pull out your phone or laptop, go to your social platform of

choice & connect with one new person. You can increase the number of people

you connect with the more consistent you are with building off of one. If you

choose Instagram, you can find a new lead by searching a hashtag or from a public

figureʼs comment section. If you choose Facebook, you can find a new friend from

the “people you may know tab” or from members of a Facebook Group. After you,

are social media official with this new friend, send them a message! Get a

conversation started.


Daily Activity Two: Expand your brandʼs credibility


- We want more people to know who we are & what we do. We want ideal

customers and clients to know about the products or services we offer. We want

them to know that we can get them real results. But how will people get to know

us if we donʼt talk to them? How will people work with or buy from us if we donʼt

tell them how they can? We need to expand our brandʼs credibility by using social

media to communicate our messages. We need to post across platforms

consistently so people know that we take our business seriously and we need to

show off our knowledge & experience so we are seen as an authority figure in our



Daily Activity Three: Grow your Expertise


- The business wonʼt show growth, if you arenʼt growing as the business owner.

You need to prioritize your consistent improvement. Your individual, unique

knowledge & experience is what sets you apart from the competition. It isnʼt a

waste of time to prioritize growth! Choose to set aside a minimum of fifteen

minutes to invest in growing your skillset. This will not only make you a better

business owner but a better human being.


Are you going to add these three daily activities to your list of fundamentals?


What is one thing you do every day for your business that has made a noticeable



Let me know in the comments below.


Thank you for reading,

Timothy Cole

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