4 Ways To Locally Spread Your Name
4 Ways To Locally Spread Your Name
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Branding

Spreading your name around town doesnʼt have to be boring or take years to

accomplish. You can get creative and enjoy being consistent with the process.

Here are four ideas you can implement to start spreading your name locally.


1.) Connect

- Who would be a valuable asset to know? Is there somebody who is already well

known in your community, like you hope to be, that you could connect with? This

individual would be able to get you in contact with more people quicker than you

could do on your own. Is there an individual in a local government position you

could reach out to? Who runs the local chamber of commerce or business

alliance? What is the most popular non-profit in your area? Connecting could even

look like sending friend requests to mutual friends on social media platforms. Then

follow up with your new connections by sending them a message and getting to

know who they are & what they do.


2.) Speak

- Opportunities to share your expertise will quickly and effectively grow your

credibility. Especially if youʼve taken the first step and connected with well known

individuals in your community, they could help you find out about the best local

events you could reach out for an opportunity to speak at. Even if you reach out to

an event and they decline your speaking offer, now they are at least familiar with

your name and could keep you in mind for future events, especially if you choose

to follow up with your contact.


3.) Advertise

- Market your name both traditionally and progressively in your local market. You

can pay to be featured on a street billboard or put in a request to be interviewed

on a local radio or TV station. You could hang up flyers on community boards that

can usually be found at coffee shops or spend an afternoon walking into local

businesses and handing out your business card to the owners. A more progressive

way to market in your community is to set up targeted Facebook ads to reach a

certain demographic in your specific area!


4.) Film

- Donʼt underestimate the power of video even in your local marketing strategy!

Film your media content at well-known locations in your local community to make

people stop their scroll and realize “hey, I know where that is!”, bring on well

known individuals as special guests in your videos, target your videos in ads like

mentioned above and even have your video content sponsored by businesses in

your local area!


Which of these ideas do you need to implement into your local marketing



If you would like to discuss this topic farther & are interested in having help

getting started, contact me at timothy@tlcole.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Timothy Cole

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