3 Reasons Why Branding Matters
3 Reasons Why Branding Matters
Posted By - Timothy Cole
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Branding is how your ideal customer or client connects to your business.


Branding is how your ideal person understands who you are & what you do.


Branding matters to the sustainable success of your business goals.


In this blog post, I am going to highlight three reasons why branding matters &

why you should be intentional with your branding efforts.


1.) Branding shows professionalism


- When you brand your business, it shows that you take who you are and what you

do seriously! When you are willing to be intentional about the topics you discuss,

the fonts and colors you design with, the personal content you share, product/

service quality and even customer service experience (ex…) you are literally saying

“I believe in why I am in business and this professional business matters to me



2.) Branding makes you recognizable


- When you see the Golden Arches, you know it's Mcdonalds. When you see the

colors red, white & blue you think of America. When you hear “just do it” you think

of Nike.


Those are popular branding examples. The business has done an excellent job of

creating a brand that people can recognize and connect with! For an online brand,

youʼll want to make your profile photos, social handles, logos, and taglines (ex…)

consistent if you want to build a strong, professional & identifiable brand.


When your brand is recognizable, your business is reputable!


3.) Branding pulls your people


- You should have an ideal customer or client in mind that you specifically want to

buy your product or book your service. Your brand is supposed to connect that

person to who you are personally and what you do professionally.


How you talk in your marketing/copy, the colors and fonts you use, the content you

share (ex…) should be pulling in the best people for your business and deterring

the people who arenʼt the best fit for you! Branding will help someone new

checking out your social media profile, landing page or website decide if they

should stick around or not!


How are you going to improve your branding this week?


Share this branding blog post with your social media connections!

Thanks for reading,

Timothy Cole

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