3 Things Every Online Brand Needs
3 Things Every Online Brand Needs
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Branding

Do you want to get intentional about creating a strong online presence?


Do you want your brand to be reliable & trustworthy in your industry?


If you are ready to take the initial best step to create a strong online presence

& improve how your brand is perceived, read & implement the following

suggestions of what your brand needs to become strong, reliable & trustworthy!


1.) A Motivating Tagline


- I would highly suggest you read “Start With Why” By Simon Sinek! He makes a

profound statement throughout his work that “people donʼt buy what you do, they

buy why you do it.” Your brandʼs tagline is an easy, motivating string of language

that conveys why you do what you do. It is a rememberable statement that you will

use across your visual marketing & in your verbal messaging.


2.) Consistent Colors


- You should want your brand to be easily recognizable! There are thousands of

people who have a similar business in the exact same industry as you. You need to

stand out from the crowd, even with how your marketing looks & how it makes

someone in your corner of the internet feel! Colors help to convey a message. I

would suggest choosing two primary colors that you will use the most frequently

with a few extra to support. Choose colors that your ideal customer/client would

resonate with well.


3.) A Bold Logo


- You work hard on things you create like graphics & programs, you should put a

logo on your work as a seal of approval that you created this & youʼre proud of it!

Having a logo, that is also consistent with the primary colors youʼve selected, is

another way people will recognize who you are & respect what you do.


Does your brand have these three suggestions already implemented or will you be

taking action to get all three established?


If you have questions in relation to this blog post, send them to timothy@tlcole.com

Thanks for reading!

- Timothy Cole

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