The 3 Reasons Why Someone Would Buy From Or Work With You
The 3 Reasons Why Someone Would Buy From Or Work With You
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

Why would an individual decide to give you their hard-earned money in exchange

for your valuable product or service? 


Why would someone choose you out of a sea of a thousand other photographers,

Real Estate Agents, Chiropractors (ex…) in your industry? Why you over the



In the business world, thereʼs a valuable term called know, like & trust.


If you can establish these three valuable assets with your people, youʼll find

yourself making more of an impact & more of an income.


In this blog post, Iʼm breaking down the three real reasons why someone would

buy from or work with you.


1.) The individual knows you


- Even online, people want to feel connected. Social Media is suppose to be social!

If someone is following you online, they want to be social with YOU! They want to

personally connect with who you are & what you do. To make that happen, they

have to get to know you both personally and professionally. When you ADD you to

business people will feel connected to you both as an individual and as a

professional. The stronger your connections, the more cash youʼre paid.


For example, do the fans in your corner of the internet know…


- What your favorite book is?

- What motivates you?

- What your favorite color is?

- How you met your spouse?

- Where you studied X?


They donʼt need to know information you arenʼt comfortable sharing. What you do

share should simply help people get to know you better.


2.) The individual likes you


- You donʼt need everyone to approve of you or even like you, but youʼll want some

people to approve of what you do and like who you are! Those are the ideal clients/

customers youʼll want to market to, the other individuals are just not who youʼre

suppose to impact or who are suppose to add to your income. Why would you

want to sell to or work with someone who isnʼt a big fan of who you are & what you

do anyway? I think for service-based entrepreneurs, what your ideal client has to

like the most is your personality. Meaning, how you talk, the tone of your voice, if

youʼre introverted/extroverted, how you present/carry yourself (ex…) Youʼre going

to be working closely with them, so youʼll want to get along easily!


3.) The individual trusts you


- Youʼll get a monetary transaction when there is a trust established between you

and your ideal client/customer. You can create the best trust by being consistent &

being authentic. Be consistent in your content, marketing & messaging. Be

genuinely authentic online & offline. People look to leaders because they trust

they will be looked after. You want to step up as an expert & leader in your

industry. If youʼre a video coach, your clients want to trust that they will be looked

after when it comes to learning how to do video well. If youʼre a real estate agent,

your clients want to trust that you are going to find the best home for them. Also,

consider that you have to trust yourself & your knowledge & experience before an

ideal customer or client will.


How can you improve know, like & trust with your ideal clients and/or customers

this week?


Do you think people know you, like you, or trust you more than another asset?


If you have a question, email me at


- Timothy Cole

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