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What Your Social Media Might Be Missing
What Your Social Media Might Be Missing
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Your Business & Social Media

Do you have a desire to use social media in an effective way to get better results

for your business?


You can absolutely use various social media platforms to increase your impact &

income, no matter who you are or what you do.


If you arenʼt currently seeing your professionally desired results, there are three

particular pillars I would encourage you to examine & improve.


Here they are…


1.) Intentional Passion


- Why are you in business? Do you have an authentic desire to do this work?

Where does your love for being a Real Estate Agent, Chiropractor, or Social Media

Manager come from? If you never made an income from this work, would the

impact be enough value and currency to continue? That is the question that

determines pursuing a passion or pursuing a profit. The best position to be in is to

chase the passion because of the impact you can make and as a result of serving

people, you will make a profitable income. Itʼs a valuable strategy to be transparent

about why you do what you do & to tell your ideal clients & customers in your

corner of the internet about your passion for who you are & what you do. The

businesses I want to buy from or work with the most are the ones whoʼs

enthusiasm & passion are relevant in what they say & do.


2.) Consistent Content


- Are you posting & hoping? Posting once here, once there, with a short & simple

caption so you can check it off your list for the day? Building a reliable brand

online requires you to create & share consistently valuable content. Your captions

should have written value that your ideal clients & customers want to like,

comment, share & save! You canʼt post on a Monday and then two weeks later on

Friday and expect to get a favorable result. Consistency shows commitment &

professionalism. Your ideal clients & customers will be able to tell if you are

treating your work as a hobby or if you are treating it as a business. If youʼre

serious about who you are & what you do, then the messaging & marketing you

create & share will be a reflection of that commitment.


3.) Easy Offers


- Are people overwhelmed with all the ways they can buy from or work with you?

Are your ideal clients or customers confused about the best product they should

purchase from your store or the service they should book? Do you make the

payment process complicated? Are people not clear about the valuable results

they will get from working with or buying from you? Are more people clicking the

red X in the top left corner then they are clicking on the payment button? That is a

sign that something is missing and what that specifically is will be unique to you &

your business. However, as Iʼve mentioned before, people will give their hard-earned

money to you when they trust you. Your social media messaging might not be

making it easy for someone to take you up on your product or service offer.

You want to have a process so an ideal client or customer can get from point

A to point B with ease.



Passion, content & offers are the three specific pillars I would encourage you to

work on improving.


Social media is a valuable asset for making an impact & sharing your message with

the world. You can make an income from doing work you are passionate about, but

that doesnʼt mean it will be easy or convenient. There is still work & improvements

to make.


Contact me with any questions you have regarding this post.

Timothy Cole

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