Why You Should Hire A Video Expert
Why You Should Hire A Video Expert
Posted By - Timothy Cole
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Are you tired of creating, filming, editing & publishing video content on your own?


Are you looking to find a new team member who can help improve your video



My name is Timothy Cole and I have been using the power of video/working with

video for about 6 years.


I started in video to sell affiliate products. I quickly learned it was very expensive to

get good quality video content so I started making my own. Over the years I found out how

much I loved video marketing and have amassed considerable tools and knowledge

in the field. I see a disparity in the market where small businesses don't take advantage

of this growing trend because it can be too expensive or time-consuming for them.

My goal is to make video marketing affordable for even the smallest of businesses

while providing the highest quality.


Listed below are three reasons why you should hire a video expert.


1.) Youʼll stand out from your competition


- Itʼs important for the growth of your brand that you are showing how you are

different from the other businesses in your industry who are offering similar

products or services. Video marketing is an effective way to stand out & showcase

your experience & expertise for your ideal clients/customers to see &

connect with. Most brands are not successful long term because they donʼt know

what is most effective for getting their message & their product/service to the

masses. I know that video is the way to go to build a reliable, strong brand that is



2.) Youʼll save time & effort


- There are many daily tasks that demand your time & attention as the business

owner. You know that it is vitally important to be creating consistent content for

social media & for marketing who you are & what you do effectively but you feel

pulled left and right with what to focus on today because you donʼt want to get too

far behind on work. Hiring out your social media & video content to an expert can

take that burden away so you can focus on the tasks that you do the best and that

only you can do. Delegating is a decision that will help your business grow faster

than if you did it on your own.


3.) Youʼll be seen as an expert


- You will be seen as a reliable & seriously committed professional when you have

a growing team of people who work for you and who are helping to grow your

mission. Not only that, you will have video content that is trending in popularity &

educating, entertaining and/or engaging for your ideal clients/customers. That will

prove you are a reliable and qualified source & expert for the specific industry you

are in.


Do you see the value in hiring a team member who is an expert at video



You can view my work here: https://tlcole.convertri.com/agency

You can learn more about my services here: https://tlcole.convertri.com/agency

Have a question about this post or how I can help your business grow?

Contact me at:

- Timothy Cole

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