Your Two Best Business Assets
Your Two Best Business Assets
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

Are you trying to figure out how to make your business stand out in your industry?


Are you trying to grow your online presence so you increase your impact &



In this blog post, I want to share with you what your two best business assets are

to make your brand more recognizable online and for creating the opportunity for

you to impact more ideal clients/customers while increasing your necessary



Your first asset to online sustainable success is…


1.) Authenticity


Authentic: “real or genuine. not copied or false. true and accurate”

- Peter Sage has said, “the best you is the most authentic you.” Therefore, you will

be the best business owner when you are operating from a place of authenticity.


Who you are as an individual and your life experience and traditional/practical

education is different than another business owner in the same industry as you.


You will help your brand stand out amongst the competition when you are running

your daily operations such as creating content from an authentic perspective. Your

ideal clients/customers will be attracted to who you are personally and what you

do professionally when you are staying in alignment with what feels best to you as

the business owner. For example, creating a new product/service because your

competition recently had a launch is not the right reason for you to create a

product/service to sell because you are doing it from a place of lack and insecurity

not from a place of abundance and confidence. That wouldnʼt be an authentic

decision! Authenticity matters to the sustainable success of your brand.

Your second asset to online sustainable success is…


2.) Consistency


- If you want to build a reputation of reliability then you need to show you take who

you are & what you do seriously by being consistent in what you say and do. Have

you ever gone to look at a business on Facebook and they havenʼt posted on their

business page in over a year? It makes you stop and wonder if they are even open

for business anymore! People will check you out on social media before they will

open a yellow book and call to ask. Posting on social media should be a priority for

growing your online presence and building connection and credibility with your

ideal clients/customers. Youʼll want to be consistent with creating & posting

content. Then when someone is interested in finding out more about who you are

& what you do, they will notice that you are open for business & you are serious

about selling your products/services to the right clients/customers. Consistency

matters to the sustainable success of your brand.


These two assets will help make your brand stand out and grow online.

If you want help creating consistent video content, I would encourage you to

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I can help you improve your confidence on camera, help you create a content

schedule & help you determine what specific educational, entertaining & engaging

content would be best for you to implement in your marketing strategy. I have the

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Timothy Cole

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