Why Your Videos Arenʼt Getting Watched
Why Your Videos Arenʼt Getting Watched
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Your Business & Social Media

Are you filming video content and sharing it across your social media platforms

with little to no return? Are your followers simply not watching your videos?


You are doing one of the best things for your online business - creating video



I encourage you to keep filming & sharing! However, I have listed below some

helpful suggestions I want you to consider implementing & utilizing to make your

video content better for your ideal clients/customers.



Your videos arenʼt currently getting watched because…


1.) Your videos arenʼt the “right” length


- It has been shown that video content between 3 to 5 minutes long performs well

across social media platforms and tends to get shared more. There isnʼt a “right”

time frame you have to follow but if you chose to film a longer length video (5

minutes +) then you have to be able to keep the viewers' attention. Meaning, you

have to be providing value and entertaining or educating the viewer in order to

keep their attention on your content. Your community might do well with 3-5

minute mini training videos whereas my community might do well with 8-10

minute training videos. You will have to experiment with what performs well on

your social media & with the followers that you have. Mix it up for a couple of

weeks and do different lengths & styles of videos. See what gets the most views,

likes & shares.


2.) Your video topic is not for your ideal client/customer


- Is the majority (80%) of your video content specifically for your ideal client/

customer? Are the videos youʼre creating relevant to who you are and what you

do? Have your topics been informative & valuable for the people in your

community/who you would want to have in your community? Itʼs safe to say that

20% of your video content can be ”off-brand/topic” but can people go to your

YouTube or IGTV and see a “theme” that your topics revolve around? This is the

same with blog content too! For example, if youʼre in Real Estate you want to focus

on filming video content that revolves around that industry. If you start filming

videos about food & cooking, youʼre going to attract a different type of client &

youʼre going to be seen as a different type of expert than what you might actually

want to be known for. However, there is value in adding more of who you are

personally to what you do professionally. So if you love to cook and youʼre a fan of

the kitchen, that should be highlighted on your social media. While youʼre building

an online community think 80% credibility content and 20% connection content!


3.) Your video title isnʼt captivating


- Why should someone stop their scroll and watch your video content for the next

five minutes? Are you talking about a specific topic that is going to be educational

or entertaining for your ideal client or customer? Will you keep them engaged

throughout the video? Your video title will tell people if the content is or isnʼt for

them. If itʼll be valuable for them to sit and watch or not. If it is worth a like or

share from them or not. A title that says “live from my house again” or “another

coaching video” will not attract an ideal viewer like saying “5 reasons your videos

arenʼt getting watched” or “how to know if it is time to sell your home” will! Think

of a headline/video title that will stand out and make someone say “that video is

for me!”


4.) You donʼt use call to actions


- How are you keeping your viewers attention? Are you making their video

experience with you interactive? For example, when you are doing a LIVE stream

are you encouraging those watching to utilize the comments to ask their questions

or respond to something you said? At the beginning and end of your video are you

mentioning the link you want them to click for X purpose? Are you inspiring current

or future action for your ideal client/customers or are you letting them watch idly?


5.) Your content is messy


- After your intro, your viewers get lost. They are confused by what you are saying

because youʼre saying so much but of little value. They click out of your video

because the highlight part of your video, yet the main dish of your content, is all over

the place! You seem distracted, overwhelmed or not confident as the teacher and

that is being projected in your content so itʼs hard & not fun for a video viewer to

continue watching. They canʼt be educated or entertained in that way! Your video

content shouldnʼt be messy, it should be structured. The best way to do this is by

utilizing bullet points. Have a specific layout regarding what you want to say about

your chosen topic. Especially if youʼre new to creating videos, this is a helpful way

to feel more confident on camera. For example, if youʼre a Real Estate Agent and

youʼre talking about how to know when it is time to sell your home - pick 3 ways

how someone can know that and after your intro, go into your first listed bullet

point. Continue on from there.



So, why arenʼt your videos getting watched? How are you going to improve your

content using the suggestions above?


If you are ready for help or have a question in relation to this blog post, contact me

at: timothy@tlcole.com

- Timothy Cole

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