3 Short Videos To Film For Your Brand This Week
3 Short Videos To Film For Your Brand This Week
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Your Business & Social Media

Do you want to increase your online credibility and position yourself as an

experienced, educated expert?


Do you want to utilize the power of video to promote who you are personally &

what you do professionally?


In this blog post, I will be sharing three short video ideas that you can film for your

brand this week.


I encourage you to make each of these videos less than five minutes long so you

can share it across multiple social media platforms.


1.) Introduce who you are & what you do


- Tell your growing online community about yourself, both personally &

professionally. Where did you go to school or where/how did you learn what it is

that you know? Do you have kids? What is important to you in life? Where are you

from? What is your favorite book? How long have you been in business? These are

some questions you can considering answering. You could make your video similar

to “five things to know about me - the business owner.” Spend less than a minute

sharing each fun fact.


2.) Introduce your product/service story


- Share with your ideal clients/customers what made you want to create your

product or service. Where did this idea start? Why are you passionate about it?

Who is it for? What problem(s) does it solve? Demonstrate how to actually use

your product. Demonstrate how they can book your service. Instead of only telling

them WHAT you do, tell your community WHY you do it, WHY you made it, WHY

youʼre selling it.


3.) Introduce your clients/customers


- Let your community know who you are currently working with or who has

currently bought from you! What have you been able to help Sally Sue

accomplish? What are her results? What did John Doeʼs product review say? Was

he happy with purchasing from your business? What did he like about your

product? What does Sally Sue like about you & your service(s)? Highlight how your

product or service is benefiting real clients/customers so that people in the

community can see what a valuable investment your offer would be for them too!




I would suggest you batch film these three video suggestions. Meaning, film them

all in one sitting. Set aside one hour this week to focus on creating your upcoming

content. If you do this, youʼll have valuable videos to post on your social media

platforms on Monday, Wednesday & Friday of the following work week.


If youʼd like help with your video production & marketing, contact me at timothy@tlcole.com

Happy filming,


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