How To Get Your Brand Ready For 2021
How To Get Your Brand Ready For 2021
Posted By - Timothy Cole
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2020 has been a year of necessary adaptability for many business owners.


It is vitally important to have a credible and connecting online presence for your

current and potential customers/clients.


This year has pushed many traditional business owners to willingly embrace the

power of the internet to increase the impact they make and the income they earn.


In this blog post, I will be sharing how you can get your online brand ready for





1.) Review your 2020 content


- What was the first post you made in 2020? Seriously, scroll back on your page

or feed to figure it out. How does that first initial post compare to your most

recent? Can you see and read a progression of growth? Meaning, have your design

skills improved? Have your writing skills changed for the better? Has your social

engagement improved? Do you have more ideal clients/customers interacting with

your posts now compared to then? What was your most popular post of the entire

year? I encourage you to find that piece of content and play detective. Figure out

how that post can influence upcoming pieces of content. You must have done

something right for that post to have done so well! What post of yours was most

“controversial” this year? What post got the most questions? What video had the

highest retention? What video got you the most sales? Reviewing your content,

playing detective, and asking good questions about the posts can help you improve

your content going into 2021. You are able to do more of what worked really well

and less of what didnʼt perform well. You can talk about the topics that got people

fired up the most and avoid topics that didnʼt resonate. You can follow a similar

design and writing styles and film your videos in the ways that got you the best

results over the year.


2.) Research the upcoming 2021 trends


- What can you start doing for your business as an early adapter? What is going

to be the best trends to get you known, seen, and heard online? What trends can

you start implementing and have fun learning to do well? You can start doing

research on what is predicted to be popular on each individual social media

platform. Consider what platform(s) you are going to focus on the most in the new

year and do intentional research on how you can use those trends to the

advantage of your impact & income. If you can figure out what is going to stand

out in 2021 for your industry, you can create a good game plan to start the year off

strong with. This will give you an advantage over your competition who could be

winging their online presence and hoping for the best. Even trends will require

some trial & error but donʼt be afraid to give the new tips, tricks & tools a try. It

could change your results for the better!


3.) Reach out to your customers/clients & networking connections


- Who has shown themselves to be a big fan of who you are personally and what

you do professionally? Who consistently engages with the content you post

online? Who has been an awesome client/customer this year? I encourage you to

end this year showing your appreciation for the individuals in your community!

Send them a private message or email thanking them for their enthusiasm &

engagement in your corner of the internet. Thank them for their purchase(s). You

could go the extra mile and host a special giveaway for your online community. Get

on video and tell them about the success and struggles of the year. Get them

excited about the year you had and the year that is coming! What can they expect

from your brand going into 2021? I would also encourage you to reach out to your

connections youʼve met through social or local networking. Consider how you

could help a fellow business owner going into a new year. How could you

collaborate on a project? How can you support each other? Also, send them a

private message or email simply saying youʼre glad to know & support them. Doing

both of these things will build better connections between the people who follow





Remember the three Rʼs; Review, Research and Reach Out.


How are you feeling about 2021? What goals do you have for your brand?

Iʼd love to help you feel ready & get prepared for professional success in the new

year. If you contact me at (insert information) we can set up a time to talk.


- Timothy Cole

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