How To Show Your Customers You Care
How To Show Your Customers You Care
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

Do you tend to overlook the customers/clients who have bought your products or

booked your services?


Do you want to show better appreciation towards the individuals in your corner of

the internet?


Do you want to develop a better culture of service and attitude of care?


In this blog post, I will be sharing suggestions on how you can show your

customers you care and that you appreciate having them in your corner of the

internet, supporting who you are and what you do.




1.) Serve with a smile


- It is a privilege to have people paying their hard-earned money to you in

exchange for the value they see in your product or service. They donʼt have to

work with or buy from you, yet they have chosen to! There is something special

about who you are and what you do that resonates with the clients and customers

youʼve had or currently have. Serve the people who pay you with a smile on your

face because they didnʼt have to choose you or your offer.


2.) Give them what they ask for


- Your customers/clients' needs and even their wants should become of high

importance to you. Youʼll be a happier business owner when they are taken care of!


For example, if someone has requested a refund, give them a refund! I would

much rather have someone content that they got their money back so they can

move on without causing controversy for my business than I care about keeping a

couple of extra dollars in my pocket.


3.) Engage with them


- Are you engaging and communicating with your ideal clients/customers? Are you

building personal relationships with them either online or offline? For example, if

someone leaves a comment on your social media post, are you replying back to

him/her? Are you answering the questions you get in emails? It is important that

your ideal clients/customers feel connected to you on a personable level. Spend

intentional time in conversation and community with them.


4.) Correct the problems


- Has your client/customer brought something to your attention? Even if it doesnʼt

seem important to you, it is important to them, which means it should become

important to you. How can you address this problem? How can you improve the

situation? How can you fix this for your people? Make the experience with you &

your business the best possible for your current and future customers/clients.




Implementing these four suggestions will help you become a more service-minded

business owner who cares about his/her people and shows appreciation for their



If you want help building your online business, contact me at

Timothy Cole

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