Itʼs More Than A Blog Post
Itʼs More Than A Blog Post
Posted By - Timothy Cole
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Do you have a blog that you want to be creating consistent content for?


Do you want to write and share posts, like this one, for your ideal clients/

customers to read?


This blog post topic is on how you can take your blog content and diversify it into

more than just a blog post.


If you want to have more content available for your ideal clients/customers across

various platforms, but save some of your time and energy, continue reading.




Alright, the first step in this process is for you to write a valuable blog post for your

ideal client/customer.


Get that content published on your blog.


Now, we want to take that published piece of content and make it more than a blog

post. We want to make it multiple pieces of content.


You might be wondering why.


First, doing this will save us both time and energy.


Second, it diversifies your content across platforms so that it can reach your ideal



Third, it builds up your brand's credibility.


Continuing on, take the blog post youʼve written and use it as a caption on an

Instagram and Facebook post. This is actually called “microblogging.”


If you donʼt have enough characters to fit the entire blog post in a caption format,

choose a paragraph or two that would capture your ideal readers' interest enough

to where they would want to go to your blog to finish reading the rest.


Now you have a blog on your website and a post on both Instagram and Facebook.

Find a sentence or quote from the content youʼve written to use as a tweet on

Twitter. Tweet it out on the platform.


Go to a graphic design site of your choice and create a graphic using relevant

Pinterest dimensions. Add the title of your blog post to the design.


Upload your finished design to the Pinterest platform and add the link to your blog

where the official post is for ideal readers to check out.


Now you have a blog on your website, a post on both Instagram and Facebook, a

tweet on Twitter and a post on Pinterest.


To finish diversifying your content, weʼll switch to video.


Go LIVE on your Facebook business page and your Instagram profile.

Share the Instagram LIVE stream as a replay to your IGTV channel.


Talk about the topic of the blog post you wrote.


Download your LIVE stream replay from your Facebook Page. Take the video and

upload it to your YouTube Channel.


Now, weʼll switch to audio.


Using a platform like iMovie, export the audio from that video replay.


Take that stripped audio and upload it as content for your podcast.


Now you have a blog on your website, a post on both Instagram and Facebook, a

tweet on Twitter, a post on Pinterest, an IGTV video, a LIVE stream replay, a

YouTube video and a podcast episode.


From one blog post, you have now diversified it into eight other forms of online

content for your ideal client/customer to connect with.


You really do have more than a blog post!


I hope this is a helpful blog post that inspires you to create and share more

valuable content while saving time and energy!


If you have any questions, send an email to:

- Timothy Cole



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