What Is A Freebie
What Is A Freebie
Posted By - Timothy Cole
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A freebie is something free (and of value) that you give to an ideal client/customer.


You usually give it to them in exchange for their email address.

However, you could ask for other relevant information in exchange for your freebie.

Collecting phone numbers for text message marketing is becoming more popular.


Iʼve even seen people exchanging for marketing data. Meaning, they have you

answer 5-10 survey-related questions about a topic and at the end, you can get the

freebie as a thank you gift.


You will often hear a freebie being called an “opt-in.”


“Opt-in” means “youʼre in” on X opportunity.


So, an ideal client or customer of yours might decide to “opt-in” on your freebie.

They want to be in on the opportunity you are presenting.


You might hear a fellow entrepreneur saying he/she is working on designing their

“opt-in page.” That just means they are working on the website/landing page that

their freebie is going to go on for an ideal client/customer to be able to get.


There are two types of “opt-ins.”


There is the free kind (aka a freebie) and there is also a paid kind.


You can run marketing ads to your ideal client/customer about a freebie youʼve

created but you can also run ads about a cheap/affordable gift you have available.


Usually, these cheap/affordable gifts are $5, $7, or $10. An amount of money that

most people wouldnʼt even think twice about, especially if what you are offering is

valuable to your ideal client/customer.


These cheap/affordable opt-ins are a good way to 1.) make back the money you

are spending to run the ads to get your name/brand out there in the first place and

2.) pocket some ($) to go back into the business. And of course, 3.) youʼll have the

contact information of a new *paying* lead. Since they spent money with you

once, they are going to be more willing to buy from you again!


Before you get too concerned with creating and running your marketing ads, you

want to focus on what your freebie/opt-in is going to be. You have to have

something to even run ads about. You have to have something available for an

ideal client/customer to exchange their information for.


Consider: what would be a quick, yet effective way to help my ideal person?


How do you want to deliver that quick, yet effective information that will help your

ideal person? Do you want to create a PDF/document for them to read? Do you

want to create a video or videos for them to watch? Audio to listen to? A blend of

them all?


Finally, consider if you would find what you are creating & sharing valuable enough

to exchange your contact information for. If you saw this ad online, promoting X -

would you go for it? If you saw this freebie, would you want to opt-in?




For practical example, I have a freebie available for people interested in X.


You can take a look at what I created and decide if it would be helpful for you to

opt-in to or not here: "7 Small Business Social Media Success Secrets"


Thanks for reading, I hope it was helpful!


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- Timothy Cole

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