Types Of “freebies” You Can Create
Types Of “freebies” You Can Create
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

In my previous blog post, which you can read *here,* we talked about what a

freebie is and why it is a valuable marketing asset.


After reading that post you might be interested in creating your first freebie but

arenʼt sure where to start or what you should even make.


In this blog post, I have listed below seven different ideas of freebies that you

could create for your ideal client/customer.




1.) A PDF

- This is one of the most traditional forms of freebies. They are really easy for you

to make and are a quick way for your ideal client/customer to consume valuable

information. Consider making a checklist as your first PDF. Maybe a checklist of

what your ideal client/customer should have done before doing X.


2.) An E-BOOK or GUIDE

- An e-book would definitely require more work from you behind the scenes before

releasing it to the public but it could really benefit your credibility! When I think of

an e-book I imagine a “mini-book.” About 50 to 100 pages would be extremely

valuable and most of your ideal clients would happily provide you with their

contact information in exchange for that much value on a specific topic.


3.) An Exclusive Video

- You could film a five to ten-minute video on a specific topic that would be

beneficial to your ideal viewer but only have it available to the people who opt-in by

providing their relevant contact information! So you donʼt put the video on any

platform like YouTube for the public to see. You keep it private and only the people

who give you their email address will get to watch it!


4.) A Mini-Course

- Instead of just one exclusive video, what if you created several videos (4-8) on a

specific topic and put them all together as a course? Some people sell minicourses

like this for a low ticket price, like $27 but you could also use it as a really

valuable opt-in. Consider even have it as a freebie for a short period of time and

then turn it into a low ticket offer after you get X amount of people on your email

list as a result of the opt-in.


5.) Audio Recordings

- If youʼd like to do something different than video or written content, audio is a

good idea! Letʼs say you already have a podcast that listeners tune into every

week. You could create two exclusive episodes that theyʼll be sent in exchange for

their email address. You could mention this exclusive content in one of your public

episodes so that only the people who listen to your podcast know about the offer

to get the exclusive content.


6.) Host a Masterclass

- This is pretty much a group coaching session on a specific topic that your ideal

client/customer would find valuable. You would pick a date/time to host this free

class and people can signup in exchange for a specific piece of contact

information. You could promote the class through social media ads if you wanted

the attendees to be all new people.


7.) A Session

- You could offer a short, private coaching session (free of charge) and collect

their email address when they schedule the call with you. You could even give

them one of your other freebies as a gift after they finish the call with you. Doing

this free coaching session with you might even motivate them to book another

session with you (but a paid one!) because of how much they loved the value you





What type of freebies have you created before? What did you like or not like about

that style of opt-in?


If you havenʼt created a freebie before, which of these ideas do you think youʼll try

out first?


I created a freebie for Small Businesses to help with Social Media Marketing.


You can take a look here: 7 Small Business Social Media Success Secrets

- Timothy Cole

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