Why Consistency Matters Online
Why Consistency Matters Online
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Your Business & Social Media

Are you struggling with creating and sharing content to build your brand?

Do you want to improve the quality and consistency of your posting?

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you three reasons why consistency matters online.


1.) When youʼre consistent, youʼre seen as credible.


- The more you post educational/valuable content that your ideal client/customer

can learn from, the more often theyʼll start to turn to you for advice on those

topics because theyʼll think of you as the go-to gal/guy to help them out.


2.) When youʼre consistent, you form connections.


- People will start to look forward to seeing the content you post. You will have

raving fans reading your captions, watching your videos, and liking your photos.

Even better, you will start to form connections with ideal clients/customers to

where they feel like they really know & get you. They will start asking questions by

leaving comments or sending you messages. You will form connections with

people who may end up deciding to buy from or work with you.


3.) When youʼre consistent, you improve your confidence.


- The more you talk about a specific set of topics through your content or the

more often you talk to people who fit your ideal customer/client description both

online and offline, the more confidence youʼll develop in your ability to speak like

an expert and speak to customers/clients with clarity and confidence.




What is keeping you from being consistent online?

Consistency is key to success. Keep creating and sharing!


Need help with your online presence?


Send me an email: Timothy@tlcole.com

- Timothy Cole

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