Three Things To Do For Your Business Today
Three Things To Do For Your Business Today
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Branding

Do you want to fill your time with something productive for your business today?


Listed below are three simple yet valuable ideas that you can spend time on to

create positive results in your business.


1.) Film


- Film a piece of video content that your ideal client/customer would find valuable.

If youʼre a service provider, you could teach something, or if you sell a physical

product you could demonstrate what it is and what it does.


2.) Connect


- Find one ideal client/customer on the social media platform of your choice. Start

a conversation with them by leaving a comment on a picture they recently posted

or by reacting to something they posted on their stories.


3.) Practice


- Set aside one hour of time to learn something new that will help you grow and

improve as a professional. If youʼre a piano teacher, go teach yourself a new song.

If youʼre a copywriter, go take a new copywriting class. Continue to elevate your

skill set.



If youʼre stuck - create a one minute video to put across social media platforms

like IG reels and TikTok.


If you want to do something productive - find an ideal client/customer on social

media that you can start an online friendship with.


If you want positive results - practice what you preach.



Timothy Cole

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