Grow Your Business With Reviews
Grow Your Business With Reviews
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Customer Attraction

It really doesn't matter what kind of business you own, product or service-based.

People want to hear about the experience of your past customers/clients.


This is actually great for your bottom line. If you want more people to buy from or work with you,

then more people need to hear from previous clients/customers who have brought from or worked

with you.


I consider testimonials to be for service-based business owners and reviews to be product-based.


You're testimonials/reviews are like gold for your business. Gold that will help you grow, expand your

impact and best of all increases your income!


Before an ideal client/customer hands over their hard-earned money in exchange

for your product or service, they are going to want to feel confident that they are

making a good purchase. They want to feel confident that they put their money

somewhere good. They want to know that your product/service has worked for

someone like them before.


This is where your testimonials/reviews come into play. They are going to help the

next ideal client/customer make their final decision on whether they want to buy

your product or book your service.


If youʼre brand new to the business, you might be curious how you can more people to

buy from or work with you when you donʼt have any reviews or testimonials yet!

First, I would recommend you have friends/family members help you out by leaving

a review. An easy way to do this is to have them go to your Facebook Business Page

and recommend it and leave a couple of sentence reviews about who you are and

what you do.


Second, I would offer your product/service out to X amount of people, free of

financial obligation. Find X amount of ideal clients/customers (people that are not

friends/family) and give them your product and offer them your service. In

exchange for them getting the product or experiencing your service for free, they

have to give you a testimonial/review that you can use for marketing purposes.


The testimonials/reviews you collect can then be used on your website and across

social media to capture the attention of other ideal clients/customers who need

some final convincing on whether you should be the one they buy from or work



However, I will recommend that you get a legal “testimonial release form”

and/or include the agreement to use their testimonial in your "Privacy Policy" before

you use someoneʼs review online or offline!


If youʼd like personalized helping setting your online business up for success, you

should send me an email. 


My email address is:

I can also help you create the pitch you will send to ideal clients/customers to ask

them about using your product or experiencing your service for free in exchange

for a review/testimonial.


Looking forward to hearing from you!



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