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Great Businesses Do These Three Things…
Great Businesses Do These Three Things…
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Business Tips


We all want to run successful, thriving companies.

Weʼre passionate about who we are & what we do.

We believe that our products or services provide real value to our community.

In this post, I will be sharing three things that most great businesses do in hopes

that youʼre inspired to implement them to the work youʼre doing in the world.

1.) Great businesses donʼt tolerate good.

Have you heard the quote, “Be willing to eliminate the good in order to achieve

the great?” In order to stand out & be ahead of the competition in your

industry, you have to be the better player on the field. This requires you to

make tough calls, like not using a certain design on social media because it

didnʼt deliver the “man, thatʼs great!” factor. Not publishing a video on

YouTube if the moral of the story didnʼt come across in a great way. Not

keeping an employee on staff who doesnʼt value where they work. You want to

create a great business & that means making short term sacrifices for the long

term game of your company.

2.) Great businesses know that company culture matters.

The environment that you create around the work you do, will make or break

the future outcome of your company. If your business is still a one-man or

woman show, your culture still matters. How do you feel when you walk into

your office for the day? What do you do when you have a lack of creativity?

How do you feel when you get something wrong? What do you do when itʼs

almost 5 oʼclock? A companies culture matters if itʼs just you working for the

business or you have ten employees. You need to create an environment that

sets you, your company & itʼs people up for success. They need a culture that

enables them to thrive & that starts with you being the leader & establishing

core values for how your business will run on the day to day.

3.) Great businesses care about their customers.

You have a business because of the customers or clients who buy a product or

service from you. Your community needs to be one of your biggest priorities if

you have intentions of finding long term success in your industry. You need to

over-deliver, over care, over create, over impress and over show up for the

audience that you have. Whether thatʼs 20 people, 2,000 or 20,000. If you love

on your community, they are going to love & support you right back.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it inspires you to create a life & business

that you love!

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