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Embrace The No
Embrace The No
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Business Tips



Remember the times youʼve felt super motivated to work on your business?


You felt confident pitching who you are & what you do to a complete stranger?


You were proud of the post you shared talking about your product or service?


You sold a specific amount of product or booked a full month of clients?


Itʼs nice to remember those successes!


Now, do you also remember the times youʼve felt super unmotivated to work on

your business?


You felt unconfident with yourself, not super proud of the business or bummed out

about your results?


The journey of being an entrepreneur is certainly never boring!

We can experience incredible opportunities & fantastic results, but there is bound

to also be awkward growing seasons & challenging situations.


Life & business certainly have a lot in common!


James Wedmore has said, “Being afraid of a no or rejection while trying to build a

successful business is like trying to go surfing without getting wet.”


I think many new entrepreneurs throw in the towel too soon when they are going

through an unfavorable season of business.

When they arenʼt getting the callbacks, referrals, appointments or sales, they



When they are told no about buying the product or their service is rejected, they

take a personal offense & decide itʼs the end of building the business since

nobody seems interested.


Hereʼs the encouragement I want to share with you today.

For every one yes in business, expect nine noʼs.


Every one client, expect nine people to tell you no to working with your first.

Every one sold, expect nine people to not be interested.


If you can embrace these noʼs, because the people in mind arenʼt rejecting you,

they are simply temporarily rejecting your offer! Donʼt take personal offense!


If you want to build a successful business, you have to embrace that not everyone

is going to be your ideal customer or client and sometimes when you walk into an

office to pitch who you are & what you do, not everyone will want what you offer,

but that doesnʼt mean there isnʼt somebody who will!


One of the fun parts about being an entrepreneur is that itʼs an ongoing



The people who are successful in business, are willing to go surfing & get wet.

They are willing to be told no because they recognize that every no they get told,

is one communication closer to getting that one yes.


Embrace the uncertainty that may be in your business right now & keep taking the

next best action steps to getting one client or customer.


If you get a no or rejection, keep going. Youʼre only getting closer to your goal.

Embrace it!

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