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Results And Behavior Based Goals
Results And Behavior Based Goals
Posted By - Timothy Cole
Category - Business Tips

Creating a Life & Business

As a business owner, your most important job is to deliver consistent results

in the forms of impact & income.


The most efficient, strategic way to do this is by setting company goals.


It works best if you do this every three months, quarter, 90 days so that you can

best evaluate your growth throughout the entire fiscal year.


Your company goals should be both result & behavior-based.


Meaning, you want to know what you want to accomplish for the company - the RESULT

but in order to achieve that outcome, there’s a specific BEHAVIOR that must be

consistently executed to get you there!


 Here are some examples.

 Desired Result: 10 new clients

Required Behavior: Contact 100 leads


 Desired Result: Sell 5 homes

Required Behavior: Run local community ads


 Desired Result: Launch the blog

Required Behavior: Take the SEO course


 You have to be intentional about what you want to accomplish but as the business owner

there’s also an identity shift that you need to make that allows you to show up & perform

the necessary grind that will get the company where you want to go.



Creating a life & business you love doesn’t have to be complicated.



If you focus on developing the best behaviors as the CEO & execute them consistently,

you’ll find that not only will your team follow your lead, but the results of increased impact & income will be hard to miss.


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