What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on videos once they are created.

We will refund any project that has not been started,

minus any merchant fees incurred as a result of the refund.

Otherwise, we will work with you to make any needed

edits or adjustments to ensure that you are happy with your video project.


What are the elements listed in the video descriptions?

These are the items we need to get from you in order to make your video.

Some items may be taken from stock images and footage but most if not all

should be specific to your business, product, or service.


How do I get my videos after purchasing them?

After your video is created by one of our team members a file or download link

will be emailed to the email address you used to make your purchase.


How do I get my personalized or interactive video?

Personalized and Interactive videos must be hosted on our servers to use our interactive

or personalization technology. After your video is created you will be emailed an "embed" code

to add it to your website, capture page, or blog.


What are video hosting fees?

Hosting fees are ONLY charged on Interactive and personalized videos

because the videos must be hosted on our servers to utilize our personalization or interactive technology. 

The first year of hosting is included in the initial purchase.

Personalized video hosting costs are $9.95 monthly per video after the 1st year.

Interactive videos are anywhere from 3 to 50 or more videos linked together. Hosting fees would be determined by the size of the project.