HD Videos

High definition videos that can be used for ads or product showcasing. These videos typically use a mix of images, text, and/or video clips provided by you or from stock images and footage.

Facebook Video Headers

Facebook now allows videos as headers for fan and business pages. Our Facebook video headers are similar to our HD videos but sized to fit your Facebook fan or business page header.

Instagram Hd

Similar to our HD Videos but designed to fit your Instagram feed.

Personalized Video

Our personalized videos work with Facebook and Linkedin's software to personalize the content to each individual viewer. We can also add "call to action" elements into the video to encourage the viewer to take action on your offer while they watch the video.

Interactive Videos

Just as the name implies your viewers interact with the video. By giving your viewer choices and decision to make as the video plays you increase engagement and the possibility of closing a sale a whopping 95%.

We have hundreds of templates for most of our categories that are not on this site, yet. New templates added weekly.

If you don't see one relative to your niche contact us at support@tlcole.com.

Tell us what you would like to see and if we have it, we will add it to the site immediately. 

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